Concert Editor

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

In this mode, you can mix and match your available songs and stages to create your ideal live concert. These customizable performances are a fusion of the former "Live Studio Mode" and "Edit" features from past games, allowing you to produce your own scenes with unprecedented ease.

The songs you can use are limited to those within the game, but are available in their full, unedited lengths. These tracks additionally feature many animations that you don't see in the normal rhythm game (If the rhythm game already uses the full-length song, the animations stay the same).

By placing markers on the timeline, you can switch between preset camera angles, change the lighting, prepare one-shot effects, and arrange the performance's timing to your specific style.

PS Vita ver. Edit Feature's Initial Controls

In order to use the PS Vita version's Concert Editor, you will need to download the free “Concert Editor Pack” from the PlayStation®Store.

  • Place markers on the timeline to signal when to play effects or move the camera, and produce the live performance of your dreams!
  • Try setting different camera angles to remix the rhythm game with a whole new look! You can choose from preset camera angles, so no complicated controls are necessary.
  • The One-Shot Effects are single-fire events that you can set on each stage to occur at any time you want. You can even prepare a "Transformation" event!
  • You can also set the mood from behind the scenes by fine-tuning the lighting to your liking for each stage!
  • Stage effects in the Concert Editor encompass a broad range of personalized performance features that can change the entire look and feel of a stage.

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