Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

Your Home acts as your starting point for Cloud Requests, where you can interact with Miku and her friends.

Gifts & Friendship

You can deepen your friendship with the characters by giving them gifts. Obtain more gifts by playing through the rhythm game.

The characters will react to your presents in various ways, from a lukewarm reception to overwhelming enthusiasm. On top of that, certain items you gift can trigger numerous cutscenes and events.

  • Characters react with complex emotions based on their personalities. Try all kinds of gifts to develop your friendship with your most important partners! 

In addition to the normal gifting process, there are special events that occur only under certain circumstances. It's up to you to listen to the characters, guess at what they want, and respond with the best possible present! Should you succeed, your friendship will soar to even greater heights!

  • If you meet the requirements, special gift events will occur. Make a guess based on what the character says to give them the perfect present!

Enjoy Different Reactions for Different Auras

By tapping the “PS Vita” touchscreen or DUALSHOCK®4 touchpad, you can ‘poke’ your character. Their reactions will change depending on the aura of the module they're currently wearing, so try to evoke many different responses!

Also, if you leave a character idle on the Home screen, you might catch them lowering their guard and trying to get your attention. As with tapping, these reactions differ based on their current module's aura.


You can change your Home décor between various themes, allowing you to enjoy the game in your favorite Home style.

The characters like to decorate their room with the gifts you give them, so you can reward their hard work while considering how the item will appear on display. How your Home looks is ultimately up to you!

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