Cloud Requests

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

Produce the best concert ever with Miku and her friends!

In the all-new Cloud Requests, players can enjoy lively conversations between Miku and the other characters while playing rhythm games, clearing assigned Requests, and exploring five unique Clouds. Miku and her friends improve alongside the player by starting off with easy Requests and gradually tackling more difficult challenges. Furthermore, character dialogue between the DIVA room and the rhythm game has been streamlined into a naturally unfolding sequence of varied events. This mode also has a new clear rating system, where generating a specified amount of Voltage leads directly to success. Access Free Play for an experience similar to previous games while using the songs, stages, modules, and accessories unlocked throughout the Cloud Requests.


During Cloud Requests, new songs are downloaded from the five Clouds, each represented by one of five auras: Classic, Cute, Cool, Elegant, and Quirky.


Modules and customizable accessories each emit a different aura. Dress up your character with complementary items to increase your starting Voltage Rate. Players can more efficiently earn Voltage by aligning their aura to a specific Request.

Another great way to enjoy the rhythm game is to experiment with your favorite combination of modules and accessories. Some accessories can be coordinated to add a thematic bonus, regardless of their auras!


Each module has a skill that impacts the rhythm game. For example, there are Recovery skills that cover misses, Rate Up skills that generate more Voltage, skills that affect the module drop rate, and so much more. This variety of bonuses allows for an unprecedented level of strategy when choosing which modules to use.

  • Skill information can be found in the set-up screen before the rhythm game starts.


During Cloud Requests, the Home serves as the player’s base--similar to the DIVA rooms of the past--in a seamless combination of character dialogue and rhythm game downtime. Here, players can converse with Miku and her friends as the game progresses and various events unfold. This title’s communication aspects are directly connected to the rhythm game, so players naturally grow closer to the characters by fulfilling Cloud Requests.

  • The Home screen, your base of operations for Cloud Requests.
  • Cloud Request moves the player from the Home screen to Cloud Select.
  • Once the requirements are fulfilled, an Event Request pops up on the Home screen.
  • Event Requests based on character development might also appear.

Cloud Requests

While enjoying conversations with Miku and the others, players visit the five Clouds to learn about their auras, tackle rhythm game Requests, and gather Voltage.

Develop the story by fully charging the Prisms found in each Cloud with Voltage. Modules and items obtained by clearing Requests can be used to help clear other Requests. By gathering many, players develop personal play styles and individual ways to enjoy the game.

Set off with the digital singers to stage the greatest show the virtual world has ever seen!

  • Select which Cloud to link with through the Cloud Select screen. (Only the Classic Cloud is available at the start of the game.)
  • Songs exist as data within the Clouds. Take on the rhythm game Requests to hear them all!
  • Modules and items can be obtained through drops in the rhythm game, or as a reward for clearing a Request.
  • Once you clear all the songs in the Classic Cloud, the climactic Main Event appears! It's a grand finale to finish off the Cloud!
  • The Voltage gained through Requests charges the Prism of its corresponding Cloud. By filling them up completely, players gain access to new Clouds!


Event Requests can only be unlocked by fulfilling a specific requirement in the Cloud Requests. Cloud Requests can be taken by selecting songs found in the Cloud, but Event Requests are linked to game progress.

  • A new Event Request has been received!
  • Discover more events by conversing with the characters.

Music Festivals

Festivals are Event Requests especially important to the story. By fulfilling the requirements, players can hold Festivals, in which they choose three songs of their liking. On top of creating a set list, they also select which characters sing during which song. Players must consider both the modules' auras and the skills used in the performance.

For a Festival, players perform three songs in a continuous medley. These songs are specially edited versions, each covering one chorus while keeping their most exciting sections. Cheers from the crowd add a sense of lifelike presence to these one-of-a-kind concerts.

Once the requirements to hold one are fulfilled, a Festival will appear as an Event Request!
Create a setlist by choosing three songs. The third song will offer a module drop based on the transformation effect, so choose carefully!
Up to three characters may be chosen to perform. Modules can be selected either for function or preference. Reap the rewards of being a producer!
Festivals are held in Concert Halls filled with an adoring audience. Every Cloud has its own Concert Hall, each of which resonates with an atmospheric aura.
  • Festivals call for a playthrough of three continuous songs. Voltage levels carry over, so players have the chance to generate more energy than in the usual rhythm game!

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