AR Cards

AR Card Downloads

If you have purchased the digital version of the game, or have lost or damaged your cards, you can download printable copies of the cards as replacements.

- Please be sure to use 8" x 11" (A4) sized paper.
- Be sure to use a color printer (we recommend an inkjet).
- Avoid using glossy paper. Paper with a matte finish works best.
- Folding or bending your cards will negatively affect the camera's ability to recognize them, so we recommend thicker stock paper.
- After printing them out, cut cleanly along the dotted lines.
- These images are for personal usage only. Please refrain from unauthorized manufacturing, reuse, or distribution.
- Shrinking or enlarging the images may prevent them from working properly with the Nintendo 3DS system. In addition, attempting to play with enlarged cards may force you to take unreasonable measures or play under unusual circumstances to get them to work properly, resulting in accidents or injury.
- When first starting the game, only the first card, "01: Finder", will be usable. The other cards will become available as you progress through the game.

  • Character Cards
  • Live Cards 1
  • Live Cards 2
  • Live Cards 3
  • Live Cards 4

We've Gone And Made Wallpapers For You Too!

Download and use these as wallpapers for your mobile phone!。

- These were made for use as wallpapers for mobile phones. We do not guarantee they will function properly as AR Cards.